Song of Life Healing Centre


Located in Denmark, WA

Massage is a natural, easy and pleasant way of returning to well-being. Imi's approach is gentle yet deep with profound effects.

Imi is situated in a beautifully quiet restful area a short distance from town.  She offers a variety of massage sessions for Body, Mind and Soul.

Imi Neale (Dipl. Remedial and Relaxation Massage)

Imi Neale brings 10 years experience and a holistic approach to her remedial massage. She specialises in rebalancing your body to regain free movement and release pain and tension. She is experienced in addressing specific difficulties like sport injuries, chronic conditions or acute symptoms.

She also offers pure relaxation massage to simply enjoy.

Please note: After 40 years Elsa has now retired from offering massage.

Prices: 60 min - $80; 90 min - $120



Remedial Massage ...

... addresses specific problems. It helps your body to relax, regain movement, relieve pain and tension.
Every session will be adjusted to your personal needs.

For Remedial Massage please call Imi on 0428 570 660.

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Relaxation Massage ...

... generous, gentle yet deep with profound effects. Combining a light flowing massage with enough depth for you to feel it doing you truly good, this massage creates the most relaxing and healing experience.

For Relaxation Massage please call Imi on 0428 570 660.

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Holistic Massage ...

... tailored just to your needs, this massage relaxes the body, reaches the mind and helps you to learn to let go from the inside out.
We understand that it's not the muscles idea to be tight. Our muscles get their information from the brain, through the nervous system. The deepest relaxation happens when we work not just with the muscles but with the holistic system of our body/mind.

For Holistic Massage please call Imi on 0428 570 660.

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Massage ...

... a good massage not only releases muscle tension and helps us with pain but it also shifts our perception of life, of ourselves, of the people around us. It helps us perceive life in a more friendly, easy and grounded way.

Solutions to problems show up much easier when we are in a relaxed state.



About Imi Neale:

ImiImi Neale brings 10 years experience and a holistic approach to her remedial massage. She practices from her premises on Ocean Beach Road, close to town yet in a lovely rural and quiet setting.

She completed her Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2010.

'My massage is tailored to each client understanding that every body has different needs and specific physical problems. Through the professional application of gentle and strong movements (relaxing long strokes, deep tissue, fascia release, connective tissue, Trigger point, transvers friction etc) the body can be 'talked' into letting go of tension and start in own self-healing process.'

Please contact her on 0428 570 660

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"Thank you for the best massage I have ever had. Imi really listens to your needs and pays special attention to the tiny details that makes for the most comforting, relaxing feeling ever. The extra mile Imi goes to make it a beautiful experience is way beyond the norm. Thanks so much, perfect birthday treat!!!! Jane"

"The massage with Imi was the highlight of my personal experience - you cannot leave Denmark without going to Imi's place and having the best massage ever! Thank you Imi! DL"

"This massage has been the best one I've ever had, and I've had a lot! Imi's touch was incredibly conscious and in tune with my body's needs. A truly beautiful experience and very healing. Fabienne"

Health Tips:

Everyday Meditations
Meditation can be found in simple everyday activities ... and change the flavour of your day simply by putting your awareness on what you do right now.

When you walk, simply walk. Even the small walk from your house to your car ... from the car to the shop or office ... a moment to feel the sunshine or the wind on your skin, your feet alternating in touching the grounds, your legs moving.
Just here, now. Letting all thoughts drop for just this moment, no past, no future.

The thoughts can be picked up again in a little while.

The breath is coming in, going out. Is it fresh air? Warm? Cool?
The air on your skin ... your face ... maybe your arms, legs?
Or the fabric of your clothing touching the skin. As you move how does that feel?

Inbetween here and there, left one place, not yet arrived in another ... the freedom of just here.

The senses are such a wonderful allies in meditation ... allowing the sound of the birds to be received by your ears ... or any other sound in your surroundings, simply received.
Here and now.

Laughing is healthy!

Embarassing! I was born in Germany, and my english was very basic indeed when I first travelled to England at the age of 15. I was trying to find something in the supermarket, and I just couldn't find it. So I asked a shop assistent: "Where do I find dogs?" - "Dogs?" - "Yes, dogs!" -"We don't sell any dogs." - " You must sell dogs! Cold dogs!" - "COLD DOGS???" - "Yes! You know hot dogs? I want cold dogs." - "Ahh! Sausages!" - "Yes! Sausages!"


Allow your inner beauty
to reveal itself
through relaxation and peacefulness.